Pretty Good Year

We often start the New Year by making our steadfast resolutions: I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to write that screenplay. I’m going to learn French… In short, we seek out to “fix” our lives in some way.  It’s

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It’s an Awesome Day When I Must Juggle Robots vs Aliens in the News

A friend of mine sent me a story this morning with the following headline (image will link to story): Toy robot detours traffic near Coors Field Another sent me this one (again, image links to story): NASA Finds New Life

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Extras Gig #2: Cold Case

(Picking up on my extras stories…) The second extras assignment I got was for the show “Cold Case.” Fittingly, the thing I remember most about this experience was that it was freezing. It was also wet and muddy- sometimes dangerously

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If I Could Write Music…

I’m working on it, but I have a long way to go before I can get anything this raw and honest out of my voice/fingers:

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Extras Experience #1: 100 Questions

After weeks of dialing and dialing, I got my first gig in November of 2009: Bar Patron on the NBC summer season sitcom “100 Questions” (note: this episode will air on Friday. I will try to update with a screencap

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Extra! Extra!

Ah, yes. It’s about time I got around to writing about this! It’s been, without a doubt, the activity my friends and family are most interested in hearing about. I had a bit of cash saved up before I moved

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FAQ: My Dog

    That’s my dog, Pixol. This picture was taken at LAX. She is sitting in her soft dog carrier (read: celebutante dog purse) after having made me chase her through the concourse, knowing neither “come” nor “stay.” What’s a

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You know that you are living in the land of celebrities when the local Whole Foods has a sign that says that you are not allowed to photograph people in the store. I’ve tried to train myself to notice the

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